We invite you to present your research at one of the parallel sessions of the conference. Research papers dealing with all aspects of management accounting will be considered for presentation.

Submission Rules

An author can submit and present only one paper. However a presenter can also be a non-presenting co-author on additional papers.

Authors are invited to submit full papers. The deadline for the submission of papers is December 2, 2020, 23:59 GMT.

A full paper is a complete scholarly research report that could reasonably be submitted for publication in a public working paper data base such as SSRN.

Papers will be evaluated by independent peer review.

Confirmation of acceptance or rejection will be given before or on December 16, 2020 and mailed to the corresponding address of the presenting author (unless another author is selected as a contact person).

The presenters of an accepted paper must register as a participant for the conference before February 1, 2021. When registering, please indicate the topic and methodology of the paper.

By submitting a paper, the authors thereby agree to their paper being made available in the restricted access area of the conference website. 

Please take into account that once a paper is included in the programme, the author should present it at the conference or officially notify the organizers of its withdrawal.

Types of sessions

At the ACMAR 2021, there will be three types of sessions:

1.    Parallel Session with Discussant (PSD), where selected papers will be presented and discussed by a discussant,
2.    Parallel Session (PS), where selected papers will be presented and discussed by the plenary; and,
3.    Round Table Session (RTS), where selected papers will be introduced and discussed by all presenting authors of the session.

Conference Paper Category

When submitting a paper, please follow our paper categorization and specify the topic and methodology category.

Topic categories of the paper submitted:
•    Management accounting change
•    CFOs, controllers and management accountants
•    Compliance and governance
•    Strategic management accounting
•    Performance management and incentives
•    Planning and budgeting
•    Other management accounting and control systems
•    Social accounting, ethics, and sustainability
•    Management accounting for non-profit organizations
•    Accounting information systems and digitalization of management accounting
•    Risk management
•    Others
Methodology categories of the paper submitted:  
•    Survey
•    Experimental
•    Qualitative
•    Conceptual  
•    Archival
•    Analytical / modelling  
•    Others

Submit a paper

Full papers should be submitted by email to

Submission deadline is
December 2, 2020