3rd ACMAR Doctoral Colloquium

Doctoral students from the UK, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium and Germany discussed the current state of their research projects with an internationally renowned faculty at this year’s ACMAR Doctoral Colloquium in Vallendar. Prof. Ranjani Krishnan from Michigan State University and Prof. Kari Lukka from the University of Turku joined Prof. Utz Schäffer, Director of the Institute of Management Accounting and Control (IMC), of WHU to discuss the participants’ projects. The IMC hosted the Doctoral Colloquium, which took place ahead of the Annual Conference for Management Accounting Research (ACMAR) on March 12th- 13th, for the third year running.

As in previous years, the Colloquium provided a platform for discussing a broad range of topics in management accounting and was well received by the participants. The projects covered a number of different research areas, from cost and quality management in Spanish public hospitals to the dialectic between global forces and local context in an Egyptian textile company. The variety of topics covered gave the doctoral students an insight into topics beyond their own field of work. On the one hand, the agenda included classical management accounting matters like performance measurement, incentives, and cost accounting.  On the other hand, there were “creative” topics like the tension between global forces and local contexts for management accounting. Moreover, students were able to learn more about the broad range of methods used: field data, single company case study, experiment, and simulation.

The number of participants was limited to ten to ensure a stimulating discussion environment. The positive response during and after the colloquium showed that the participants profited from the valuable feedback and new input received which was made possible by the high faculty/participant ratio.

3rd ACMAR Doctoral Colloquium at WHU
ACMAR Doctoral Colloquium, Vallendar