2nd ACMAR Doctoral Colloquium

For the second year running, the IMC hosted a Doctoral Colloquium in Controlling on March 6th- 7th, 2013 which took place ahead of the ACMAR conference. Once again, the Colloquium welcomed an internationally renowned colleague, and this year Professor Christopher Chapman (Imperial College London) joined Professor Utz Schäffer to discuss the current state of research projects presented by doctoral students from Germany and abroad. The projects covered a number of different research settings, from development aid agencies in Nepal to large corporations in the Ukraine, which offered the doctoral students an insight into topics beyond their own field of work. The colloquium was rated very positively by the participants who welcomed the constructive feedback and lively discussion sessions. The organizers, Professor Utz Schäffer und Professor Jürgen Weber, see this as confirmation of their concept and are already planning a continuation next year. The 3rd ACMAR Doctoral Colloquium will take place in Vallendar on March 12th – 13th, 2014.